Nourishing the body, accelerating recovery, supplementing deficiencies

How does treatment look like at our clinic?
Individually tailored therapy based on your test results and body needs!
Before starting the therapy, the patient undergoes a thorough medical interview and a full set of blood tests, on the basis of which an individual vitamin therapy programme is prepared for them. In the programme we take into account any deficiencies and deficits in the organism, as well as we define the goals of the therapy which allow for the restoration of health and balance in the organism.
In the interview we will thoroughly analyse your health condition, body requirements and habits: taking into account: lifestyle, diet, frequency of trainings, stimulants, medicines and supplements used. We will analyse your health condition as well as your medical records with regard to chronic diseases, oncological history or genetic conditions.

Only then will we begin the actual part of the treatment, the effectiveness of which will be measured at follow-up appointments!

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Vitamin drips are particularly recommended:

  • For immunocompromised people – vitamin drops strengthen the immune system in the fight against bacterial and viral infections,
  • for patients who have undergone post-operative procedures – drips speed up the recovery period and the return to shape.
  • for athletes and physically active people – increase performance and endurance. They add energy and support regeneration after training;
  • for office workers, they increase concentration;
  • for people on a diet – the infusions supplement any vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Drips increase the effectiveness of the diet, improve the condition of the skin and strengthen hair and nails;
  • for those in need of detoxification – vitamin drips are excellent for detoxifying the body and improving metabolism. For example, intravenous infusions of vitamin C are often recommended for hangovers.

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