Instability of the shoulder joint

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Shoulder instability is a frequently diagnosed musculoskeletal condition. If left untreated, it can lead to serious disturbances in shoulder mechanics and other health consequences seemingly unrelated to the shoulder girdle. It may be caused by chronic mechanisms or acute trauma. Functional instability occurs as a result of chronic abnormal tension within the shoulder joint, which may be caused by:

  • impression of joint instability,
  • recurrent dislocations,
  • painful symptoms when performing movements in specific planes,
  • jumping of the joint with a characteristic “click”
  • fear of making certain moves.

Shoulder arthroscopy is a procedure where an endoscope is inserted into the shoulder joint. The camera is introduced into the joint through a small incision, which allows accurate diagnosis and treatment. During the diagnosis of the inside of the joint on the monitor, usually 2-3 additional incisions are made, through which surgical instruments are introduced, which allow the procedure to be carried out. Shoulder arthroscopy allows for an accurate assessment of the condition of damaged tissues, repair of the damage or removal of the pathology while saving adjacent healthy tissues.

Right after the surgery the patient’s shoulder is immobilized in a brace, which secures the operated shoulder joint and limits uncontrolled movements. The patient should wear the brace for about 2 weeks, taking it off only during rehabilitation.

During the recovery of the limb, the patient is looked after by our physiotherapist at the clinic, with whom he or she does regular strengthening exercises. Our qualified staff ensures that the limb is not overstretched as this can lead to damage to the suture site of the articular casing. The patient is also advised to actively exercise the elbow joint, wrist and fingers on their own. This will help to avoid the formation of contractures due to the immobilisation of the limb. The return to full fitness occurs within 4 weeks after the surgery and patients can return to active sports.


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