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Leonardo Da Vinci claimed that a painter adds substance to canvases and thus forms a painting, while a sculptor works by removing pieces of stone from a sculpture, which he thus frees from being trapped inside a block of stone.

A painter works by adding details, whereas a sculptor works by getting to an individual shape unique to sculpture. The psychotherapist should take the sculptor’s approach as his credo.

Psychotherapy is an intervention aimed at helping people who are experiencing psychological discomfort, seeking insight and improvement of their mental qualities. It is based on long-term therapeutic contact. It helps to become aware of one’s own intrapsychic traits, which prevent one from satisfying one’s needs and, consequently, leads to a lack of satisfaction of those needs.

  • Agnieszka Budziaszek – psychologist, psychotherapist in the process of certification
Goals of psychotherapy

Psychotherapy aims at more than just restoring balance. At its best, it can give the patient a new way of understanding himself, a kind of insight that allows the client to understand what has happened in his life that has determined a distinctive pattern of striving.

How long should psychotherapy last?

The length of the therapy depends on the individual needs of the patient. It is agreed as part of the therapy contract, after a consultation.

A meeting lasts 50 minutes. Each patient is treated individually.

Cost of consultations
  • Psychological consultation – PLN 150

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