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Psychological counselling

Psychological counselling is a form of assistance offered to people experiencing life problems, adjustment difficulties and developmental crises.

The main focus is on current problems and uncertainties raised by the client.

In addition, it is understood to support the client in identifying potential solutions to his or her problems that cause emotional discomfort, to help them communicate and deal with difficulties, as well as to strengthen their self-esteem or mental health.

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Objectives of psychological counselling

Psychological support is based on assistance in three types of life crises: Life Task Achievement Crisis, Developmental Crisis and Situational Crisis.

It focuses on:

  • assistance leading to the solution of a current problem.
  • help in approaching emotional balance
  • activation and search for the resources needed to solve problems
  • increase the belief that you can influence your life
  • improving interpersonal relations
  • focus on personal development
Psychological counselling - for whom?

For anyone experiencing changes at different stages of development, changes in values and life goals that cause them to feel psychological discomfort. For anyone looking for constructive strategies to solve problems resulting from these changes.

It is provided in the form of several meetings, which may develop into a form of longer psychological help (e.g. psychotherapy).

A meeting lasts 50 minutes. Each patient is treated individually.

Cost of consultations
  • Psychological consultation – PLN 150

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