Platelet rich plasma (PRP) - an innovative method for treating muscle injuries and bone union disorders in our clinic in Krakow

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is an innovative treatment method to support natural tissue regeneration processes. PRP is an autologous plasma (obtained from the patient’s own blood) containing concentrated platelets with growth factors bound. The therapeutic effect of PRP platelet rich plasma is the stimulation of physiological processes of tissue healing and acceleration of regeneration processes. The administration of platelet rich plasma is an effectivemethod in the treatment of muscle and joint injuries, bone union disorders, sports injuries, tendon and ligament injuries. Factors of platelet origin are also used in the reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament, which allows for its faster and better reconstruction after transplantation This therapy is also used in the case of lack of bone union as a factor supporting the healing process.

Treatment with i-PRF (platelet-rich fibrin with stem cells) accelerates wound healing and the regeneration of tendons, muscles, ligaments, cartilage and bone tissue. The method involves activating platelets, which release growth factors, stimulate cell replication and vessel formation, boost metabolism and cell differentiation.

With the i-PRF treatment, the patient gets rid of pain faster and restores mobility. Treatment with platelet-rich fibrin is used to rebuild fibrous tissue.

These substances are administered by injection and are used for the non-surgical regeneration of joints, the alleviation of inflammation of tendons, muscles and for the treatment of other body structures.

Both plasma and platelet-rich fibrin are autologous, i.e. obtained from blood taken from the patient which is separated in a special centrifuge. Plasma and platelet-rich fibrin are completely natural substances. Their application does not entail the risk of allergic reactions, as they are biocompatible with the patient’s own tissues.

We encourage you to learn more about the PRP platelet rich plasma treatment offered at our clinic in Krakow.


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