Sports orthopedics in our clinic in Kraków

The services of our sports orthopedic surgeons and our unique medical imaging laboratory are available not only to outstanding athletes but also to people who are involved in recreational sports activities. We help them to maintain their fitness at the highest level and to skillfully protect their bodies from injuries and illnesses despite the extreme stress to which they are exposed. In the event of an injury, our team provides them with immediate assistance and comprehensive care. For this purpose, we have a diagnostic laboratory specialised in orthopedic examinations.

Each patient undergoes a set of all tests and diagnostic procedures in a single visit to our clinic in Krakow. On this basis our sports orthopedists determine a treatment plan. Moreover, we use state-of-the-art medical solutions available in the treatment process, so that our patients return to the shape as soon as possible. We offer treatment of post-traumatic conditions, knee and shoulder joint injuries, fractures, tendon and muscle injuries. We use the whole spectrum of methods from pharmacology and injections of autogenous material to surgical treatment. Working with a group of sportspersons allows us to build our experience and knowledge, which we then use in the treatment of all our patients.

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