Computed tomography (CT) in our clinic in Krakow

Course and equipment for CT examination – Krakow, EFFI Clinic

CT is a diagnostic method that uses X-rays to obtain images of the inside of the body. Its full name is computed tomography. Krakow can be proud of one of the best equipment for CT scans, as we use the newest model of Somaton go.Now tomograph by Siemens Healthcare in our clinic. This device is equipped with 16 rows of detectors allowing to image up to 32 layers. This tomograph provides excellent imaging quality. Thanks to a number of unique solutions, examinations are performed with the lowest possible dose of ionising radiation, which is of great importance for patient safety. What is computed tomography actually for? At EFFI Clinic we use this type of examination to evaluate bone structures, fractures, fibrous dysplasia, post-traumatic lesions or osteoarthritis of large joints, in case of ambiguous clinical and radiological picture in an X-ray review.

Take a look at the offer of our clinic concerning CT scans in Krakow.

CT scanner - Krakow, 19 Sokołowskiego St. Why should you perform the examination here?

  • Fastest appointments without queues (max. 2 days)
  • Express examination – takes about 5 minutes.
  • Possibility to discuss the results with the doctor immediately after the test has been performed
  • You will receive the test record on CD immediately after the test
  • Test reports available quickly (up to 5 working days)
  • Test reports on paper or online, without the need to return to the clinic
  • Free parking for our patients
  • Tests performed in three planes
  • No problem with claustrophobia due to short gantry opening
  • We ensure comfort, care and a sense of security, focusing on the individual needs of the patient
  • We provide psychological support to each patient
    by our staff

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