X-ray in our clinic in Krakow

X-ray is an imaging technique that uses x-rays (X-rays). At EFFI Orthopedic Clinic we use new generation Siemens Healthcare Multix Fusion Max digital X-ray machines. Thanks to this Kraków can be proud of having one of the most modern equipment of this type.

Image stitching – more than an X-ray – EffiClinic Krakow

We also perform digital X-ray image stitching examinations covering the entire length of the lower limb or the entire spine using digital image fusion. These capabilities are particularly useful in orthopedic, rehabilitation or rheumatology diagnostics. This type of examination enables accurate assessment of bone and joint structures, measurements of bone length, angular measurements of spinal curvature, assessment of joint deformities. We offer a detailed analysis of diseases, which is much more than a standard X-ray. Krakow, 19 Sokołowskiego St. – here you will be examined in a comprehensive and professional way!

Please take a look at the offer of our clinic concerning X-ray examinations (XG). Krakow – EffiClinic – experts are waiting for you here.


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