A total body MRI, Total Body Scan is a comprehensive test that guarantees your health from A to Z. One examination and your doctor will provide you with all the information about your health. If there is something wrong, the scan will detect the problem at an early stage.

Total body scan is a diagnostic method which allows for screening the patient’s body – using magnetic resonance imaging Thanks to this method it is possible to examine the general state of your health. During the examination we obtain overview images of the head, chest, spine, abdominal cavity (liver, bile ducts, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, abdominal aorta) and the pelvis. This makes it possible to detect palpable changes and thus accelerate further, detailed diagnostics of the patient.

The whole body examination can be very much considered as a screening test for patients with suspected oncology, it allows the imaging of metastases in the patient’s body.
The examination takes 1 hour. The Total Body Scan is the first step in advanced diagnostics of the patient. If the radiologist sees anything disturbing in the image, the patient will be referred for further diagnostics in MRI of a specific body part.
Cost of examination PLN 1400


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