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Injuries to the knee joint

The knee joint is one of the most complex joints in terms of anatomy and biomechanics. Its flexion is gradually accompanied with rotation, adduction and retraction movements, as well as movements of the shin. In addition, it is exposed to damage by carrying static and dynamic loads in various positions. Its injuries account for 10 – 25% of all injuries and occur at different ages, mainly in young and active people. If you are looking for a procedure to treat diseases of this joint, and the convenient location for you is Krakow, knee arthroscopy in our clinic will certainly solve this problem.

What is knee arthroscopy?

It is worth knowing what the procedure actually consists of. Knee arthroscopy is a modern, minimally invasive, endoscopic diagnostic and therapeutic method. It allows the doctor to see very precisely the inside of the joint affected by the disease process, and at the same time to perform surgical procedures to alleviate the symptoms, which is not possible with traditional surgery. The procedure is one of the most effective in the case of knee joint disorders, so when looking for the right treatment, it is worth choosing knee arthroscopy in Krakow.

Knee arthroscopy – Krakow – How does the procedure in our surgery proceed?

During the knee arthroscopy procedure, small pinpoint incisions are made on the sides of the joint, then a micro camera is inserted and the space is filled with saline. The orthopedic surgeon, by viewing and describing the various structures, makes a diagnosis of damage, the existence of foreign bodies or other changes. Depending on the needs, the doctor can immediately apply the appropriate treatment procedure, performing the procedure with miniature surgical instruments. The procedure is characterised by the absence of blood, and thanks to small incisions patient’s discomfort is related only to the treatment. A very important advantage of arthroscopy is the short stay of the patient in the clinic and the reduction of postoperative complications. Effective and fast treatment, without concerns about side effects!

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