Knee surgery

Osteoarthritis of the knees is becoming more common and can affect patients of any age. They are most common in people between 50 and 60 years of age and in young people who, for example as a result of physical activity, have suffered an injury to the knee joint, damage to the meniscus, rupture of ligaments or articular cartilage.
The development of modern technology has significantly influenced medical progress, as a result of which our orthopedic and traumatology specialists have access to new, non-invasive knee surgery options.

You are cordially invited to our modern facility, where, using innovative and safe treatment methods, we will restore your knee in a fully professional and, above all, non-invasive manner!

Our services include:

These treatments are non-invasive or minimally invasive, allowing patients to quickly return to normal functioning in everyday life. Each time we adjust the treatment methods to the individual profile and forms of activity of each patient or sport he or she practices. Each surgical procedure is supplemented with individually tailored therapy. We use the latest achievements of medicine.

Our team of orthopedists and surgeons demonstrates many years of experience and professionalism. We guarantee professional assistance also in emergencies.
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