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Do you suffer from bunion? In our clinic we offer effective treatment through surgery. Krakow, 19 Sokołowskiego St. – remember this address!

Bunion or hallux valgus is one of the most frequently diagnosed foot disorders. The first alarming symptom, with which patients usually report to the orthopedist, is a visible protrusion on the medial side of the forefoot and a skewed toe towards the other toes. The deformity may be accompanied by pain, making it difficult to use standard shoes.

Currently, the only effective method of treatment allowing permanent correction of the position of the big toe is the surgery. Krakow has several places offering this procedure, but our clinic is one of the best in the field of treatment of foot disorders. Indications for bunion surgical treatment include foot pain resulting from disorders of its biomechanics and difficulties in fitting shoes.

We encourage you to learn more about the bunion surgery offered at our clinic in Krakow. Krakow, 19 Sokołowskiego St. – visit us!


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