Otoplasty - correction of protruding ears

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What is otoplasty – correction of protruding ears?

The correction of protruding ears, otherwise known as otoplasty, is nothing more than a surgical procedure aimed at restoring the natural and correct appearance of the ears. It allows us to correct protruding ears, oversized auricles and improve the overall appearance of the earlobes.

The otoplasty procedure is often performed for aesthetic reasons, but it should be remembered that it is also an option to reconstruct ears damaged by trauma or accidents.

This short procedure is able to deal with many years of stigma, which is why patients so willingly decide to have it done.

What are the indications for treatment?

  • congenital ear defects (Darwin’s tubercle, microtia),
  • protruding ears,
  • retraction of the auricle,
  • ear injuries,
  • partial or complete underdevelopment of the auricle.

The procedure usually takes about 60 minutes and is performed under local anaesthetic.

It should be emphasised that the effects achieved are permanent and visible immediately after the treatment,

Why should you perform otoplasty - correction of protruding ears at our clinic in Krakow?
  • State-of-the-art surgical technology
  • Minimally invasive procedures, allowing the patient to recover quickly after surgery
  • Comprehensive care by a plastic surgeon
  • Quick surgery appointments – carried out within a week of consultation
  • Free parking for patients in front of the clinic

Preparation for operation
  • Blood group determination,
  • Blood morphology,
  • Diagnosis for the presence infectious diseases (HBs antigen, Anti-HCV antibodies),
  • Coagulological tests: activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT), prothrombin time (PT+INR),
  • Serum biochemical tests: glucose level, sodium ions (Na), potassium ions (K), creatinine level,

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