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What is biological blood mesotherapy?

Platelet rich plasma mesotherapy is a completely natural and safe rejuvenating therapy which stimulates the patient’s organism to regenerate skin cells. The direct effect we obtain is revitalisation, firming, smoothing of the skin and in case of the problem of hair loss – stimulation of their roots to grow.

Plasma treatments give excellent results in areas where deep tissue regeneration, biological stimulation of collagen fibre growth and improvement of skin blood supply are required, which is why it is used in many areas.

For whom is the treatment and when are the first effects noticeable?

In people prone to allergies the Angel platelet rich plasma mesotherapy can be a very good alternative to revitalising treatments. The skin’s elasticity, colour and texture improve, and its ability to retain moisture increases. The first effects are visible as early as 1-2 weeks after the treatment, the full effects – after a month. Thanks to the innovative system of plasma preparation, one injection is sufficient and the results last for 8-12 months.

Where is platelet rich plasma mesotherapy used?

In the treatment of baldness, it is the only method available which is completely natural and brings very good results. Angel platelet rich plasma mesotherapy releases growth factors contained in blood platelets, which results in cell multiplication and formation of new capillaries, which stimulates hair growth, nourishes hair bulbs and, as a result, increases hair density and improves the condition of the scalp.


The treatment area is anaesthetised with a special cream to increase patient comfort and reduce pain sensation.

In this way the administration of the preparation is practically painless and lasts several minutes. After the injection small bruises may appear, which are easily hidden with a masking make-up.


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