Excision of skin lesions

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Regular assessment of skin lesions by a dermatologist or surgeon is the basis for prevention and early detection of skin cancer. Proper qualification and early removal of suspicious lesions reduce the risk of cancer development

When should I undergo surgical excision of skin lesions?

If in the opinion of a specialist the skin lesion carries a risk of skin cancer development, it is absolutely recommended to remove it completely and perform a histopathological examination. In the case of changes that are only an aesthetic defect, such as fibromas or adenomas, it is possible to remove them using low-invasive methods (plasma or laser).

Who assesses the lesion?

Assessment of the lesion is performed by doctors, especially dermatologists, surgeons and oncologists. In our Clinic we offer a comprehensive consultation, during which the doctor will evaluate and qualify the lesion for removal (if needed) or even remove and submit it for histopathological examination.

What is the procedure for removing the lesion?

The lesion removal procedure is performed using an anaesthetic that is injected into the area surrounding the lesion: the skin and subcutaneous tissue and deeper tissues if necessary (local anaesthetic). The lesion is then excised with an adequate margin of unchanged tissue and the wound edges are sewn with surgical suture. In the case of larger or deeper lesions, absorbable sutures to the subcutaneous tissue are also used. Skin sutures are usually removed 5-8 days after the procedure.


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