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Treatments with toxin type-A

Toxin treatments are mainly used in the correction of facial wrinkles (especially forehead and eye area), as well as the correction of a too wide jaw in the case of bruxism (masseter muscle hypertrophy).

Toxin treatments are used in many fields of medicine (including neurology and ophthalmology), but they are most widely recognised in aesthetic medicine.

Why do we use toxin?

For over 25 years, the toxin has been one of the most widely used drugs in the field. Is that right?

Yes and no. On the one hand, this drug allows for quick and spectacular results in smoothing wrinkles of the forehead (“lion wrinkle” and horizontal wrinkles) and around the eyes (“crow’s feet”), on the other hand, overuse of excessive doses without taking into account the anatomical changes of the face with age leads to a mask-like and sometimes even caricatured look. So – as with most treatments – it is a fantastic tool, provided it is used correctly.

How does the toxin work?

The mechanism of this drug is to block the release of neurotransmitters that cause the muscle to act. This blockage occurs up to 7 days after administration of the drug and is pharmacologically permanent. So why does the effect of botulinum toxin disappear? Because reinnervation occurs, i.e. the muscles are innervated again. This is a regenerative process that usually takes about 4-6 months, so we can count on such a duration of the effect. There are several preparations of type-A toxin available on the market, which differ in the volume of the administered solution or storage conditions, but (due to the mechanism of action) do not differ in the duration of the effect. This depends primarily on the body’s ability to regenerate and on the dose.

Why should you perform a toxin treatment for wrinkle correction at our clinic in Krakow?
  • Safe procedure performed by an experienced plastic surgeon
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Does this procedure look the same for all patients?

Definitely not. Well-chosen doses and locations of administration are the result of years of individual experience of the doctor working with the toxin. For each patient, there is a very individual “therapeutic window” for the application of botulinum toxin, which means such a dose and technique of administration that ensures good results and does not give adverse effects. This “window” decreases with age, as the facial muscles naturally weaken.

At what age should toxin treatments for wrinkle correction begin?

There is no single answer to this question. Some people already have severe and persistent mimic wrinkles at the age of 25, which are appropriate for this treatment. In others, such wrinkles do not yet appear at the age of 50, so there is no need for it. However, it is important to remember that the administration of botulinum toxin is not only intended to smooth out mimic wrinkles as far as possible, but also to prevent them from becoming permanent.

Apart from the application of the toxin in the correction of facial wrinkles, a quite frequent application is reducing the hypertrophy of masseter muscles (which overgrow most frequently as a result of bruxism), which causes the “square” appearance of the mandible. It is an aesthetic defect usually resulting from dysfunctions of the masticatory organ, therefore, apart from the procedure itself, our doctors also recommend appropriate dental treatment in justified cases.

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