Blepharoplasty correction of drooping eyelids

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What is eyelid surgery?

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) involves the removal of excess skin (and fatty tissue if necessary) from the eyelids.

Thanks to eyelid surgery we obtain not only rejuvenation of the look and appearance of the face, but also enlargement of the eye and improvement of vision. The final effect of the procedure is to get rid of the so-called “sad eye”, and “bags” under the eyes, which affect the appearance of the entire face.

How does eyelid surgery work?

Eyelid surgey is performed under local anaesthesia (infiltration) in a traditional way – with the use of a surgical knife or by laser using a laser light beam. The latter method allows to shorten the period of convalescence by reducing the occurrence of postoperative hematomas (bruises) and swelling.

During the procedure, the surgeon gently removes excess skin and any fatty hernias around the eyes, and then places delicate sutures which are removed approximately 6 days after the procedure.

Eyelid surgery generally takes about 60 – 90 minutes and does not require an extended post-operative stay at the clinic.

Why should you choose blepharoplasty in our clinic in Krakow?
  • State-of-the-art surgical technology
  • Minimally invasive procedures, allowing the patient to recover quickly after surgery
  • Comprehensive care by a plastic surgeon
  • Quick surgery appointments – carried out within a week of consultation
  • Free parking for patients in front of the clinic

How much does the treatment cost?

The cost of upper eyelids surgery – 4500 zł for both eyelids.
The cost of lower eyelids surgery – 4500 zł for both eyelids.

Preparation for operation
  • Blood group determination,
  • Blood morphology,
  • Diagnosis for the presence infectious diseases (HBs antigen, Anti-HCV antibodies),
  • Coagulological tests: activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT), prothrombin time (PT+INR),
  • Serum biochemical tests: glucose level, sodium ions (Na), potassium ions (K), creatinine level,

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